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Barging Free

"Barging Free's honesty, charm, heartbreak, and humor swept me up and carried me away." 
Todd Klick, filmmaker, Los Angeles

To escape the financial stress of living in London Alan, at the ripe age of sixty nine, buys a second-hand narrowboat in the West Midlands. With no experience of living on a boat, he and his wife asphyxiate themselves with toxic fumes on day one, lose their key and have to break into their boat on day two, and on day three nearly burn the boat down. Determined to own their own home and return to London where they can moor for free if they move every two weeks, they keep going but things only get worse. Should they carry on or throw in the towel and return to London?

Barging Free is a tale of facing your fear, following your dream and trusting in life - even when there’s ice on the inside of the window and water under your bed!

WHAt readers say

"Best book I've read in ages"
"I loved Barging Free from page one to the end and couldn’t put it down"
"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Barging Free. Alan is a very inspirational writer "
"I loved this book and felt I’d gone on this adventure with Alan and Ayesha"

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A few things you might like to know about me

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My life is a journey. I lived in Los Angeles and wrote and directed a feature film there, returned to the UK and bought a narrowboat. Now I live on the waterways of England with my wife Ayesha and a cat.

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